Everyone deserves the opportunity to have honest conversation about their beliefs and Christianity without feeling pressured or “taught." St. Joseph hosts these kinds of open/seeking conversations during Alpha. Alpha is open to anyone (really anyone) who is open to having a conversation about Christianity or has questions about what Christianity teaches. We invite you to come try Alpha for one session. It’s completely free and includes dinner! If you don’t like it you won’t have to come back, no questions asked. For more specific information about what happens at an Alpha gathering or for information on how to get involved, please see below.

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What to expect when you come to Alpha

When you arrive, expect to be welcomed by someone on the Alpha team, receive a name tag, and to be shown where you can find a place to sit and get something to eat.

Dinner and conversations during Alpha take place around a table within a small group of people who are led by an Alpha host and helper. Feel free to pick any table upon arriving at Alpha. Throughout the coming weeks, it’s best if you continue your conversation with the same group of people. We find conversations become easier and more fulfilling when we have them with the same group each week.

Towards the end of dinner we will have some brief live music, after which we will show a short video. The videos during Alpha provide us with conversation topics that we break open and discuss at our table groups. 

After the video, we have time dedicated to conversation. Your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are important and we would love to hear them! Our conversations in small group are focused on providing a comfortable and safe place to express your questions and beliefs. They are not a place in which we will try to “preach” at you or “teach” you.

The evening will end with a short prayer.

I’d love to help with Alpha, how can I get involved?

We are very excited you are interested in joining our Alpha team! Please click here to find out more.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas?

Please contact Andrew in our Evangelization Office.


phone: 303-279-4464

To visit Alpha's website, please click here.