We will have our regular Mass schedule for Easter Sunday (7:30, 9:15, and 11:00 am).

A few things to remember about attending Mass this Easter:

  • We’re excited to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord with you!

  • Masses will be very full. Easter is one of the best attended Masses of the year and a time when friends and relatives are visiting. Please don't leave gaps in the middle of pews so we are able make room for as many people as possible.

  • The Easter Vigil Mass is a longer Mass.

  • Incense will be used at the Masses.

  • The parking lot will be full. You are welcome to park in the main lot, the Education Center lot, the Office/Chapel lot, and across the street at Bell Middle school. Please do not park on the grass, along the driveways, or create an "extra spot" at the end of the rows as this impedes traffic and makes it hard for cars to leave between Masses. Please also leave the spots along the green curb for our senior parishioners and the handicap spaces for those that need them.