We have so many amazing things happening here at St. Joseph and the best way to get important updates from our church in a timely and convenient manner is through Flocknote. Below you will find a list of current groups and a short description of each. It is our hope that this will allow you to connect with our groups and ministries to help you meet people, share your talents, improve relationships, answer life’s toughest questions, discern the plan and purpose for your life, and grow closer to God. If you have any issues or need to add/remove a group, please contact Audrey Goshorn, Office Assistant and Social Media Coordinator, at audreyg@stjoegold.org.

What is it?

Flocknote is an email and texting service we use to communicate with the Parish. We like it because it lets you choose what information you would like to receive – via email and/or text – from our various ministries and groups. You don’t need to download anything or even create a password, plus it’s all free (for you and for our parish due to a generous donation made to the Archdiocese of Denver). Plus, we try to be very conscientious of clogging up parishioner inboxes, but you can always let us know if you are receiving too many things (and we won't take it personally). We strongly encourage all parishioners to participate in Flocknote.

Great! How do I get Flocknote?

To sign up simply fill out the form below:


TEXT "STJG" TO 84576 

OUR Flocknote Groups:

All of our groups begin with "STJG" so you can quickly identify emails or texts from St. Joseph in Golden.


If you join any group, you are automatically placed in the Everyone group because we are all part of the St. Joseph family (and we are so excited that you have chosen to connect with us!). We use this group to send out reminders for Holy Days of Obligation, holidays, and five seasonal eNewsletters. Audrey Goshorn administers this group and can be contacted with any questions regarding Flocknote.

Adult Faith Formation:

This is the group you want to join if you're interested in deepening your faith through classes, Bible studies, retreats, or for getting a notice about about datesand times for the Lenten Mission. Andrew McGown administers this group.


For people who are currently attending RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). Andrew McGown administers this group.

Religious Education:

This group is for all parents and teachers in the Religious Education program. Notes from this group will include last minute cancellations due to weather, a weekly newsletter from Teri Lauwers, Director of Catechetics, and teacher notes. It is the primary form of contact for the Religious Education program and all parents are asked to sign-up. Parents will be put into groups specific to their student so that teachers can communicate with them. There is a group for each grade as well as the Youth Ministry for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Grade specific groups are closed so Teri can make sure that we have all the parents for each class. If you need to join a group please email her at teril@stjoegold.org.

Youth Choir:

For parents (and youth) who sing or would like to sing in the youth choir. The youth choir practices on Tuesday nights during the first session of RE and finishes in time for students to attend the later session. Participants should be in 5th grade or older.

Liturgical Ministries:

For members of Liturgical Ministries. Please sign-up for any group for the ministries you participate in. There are groups for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Eucharist, Lectors, Altar Servers, and the Music Ministry which are divided by Mass Times. If you are interested in joining a ministry, please contact Teri Lauwers at teril@stjoegold.org.

Music Ministry:

For members of the Music Ministry (or those interested in joining the Music Ministry), please sign-up under the appropriate Mass time. Notes are sent out with music and about rehearsals. If you are new to the Music Ministry, please also contact Philip Jennings, our Pastoral Music Coordinator, at philipj@stjoegold.org to let him know that you are interest in joining the choirs. This group is administered by Tammy Cooper.

Paraclete Ministry

Our Paraclete Ministry is how we connect parishioners in need to parishioners who can help. It's a wonderful opportunity to care for each other. We divide the group into:

  • Advocates - people who let us know when someone is in need and help organize volunteers
  • Chores - people who can help out with a household chore like raking leaves or shoveling snow
  • Drivers - people who can give someone a ride to Church or a doctors appointment
  • Meals - people who can provide a meal after surgery or the birth of a child
  • Visits - people who can visit homebound parishioners to socialize with them

Please sign-up for one or more areas that you can help with and contact Teri Lauwers at teril@stjoegold.org with questions.

Funeral Luncheons

Our Funeral Luncheon Ministry provides food and servers for funeral luncheons held in the Community Center following the funeral of a parishioner. We help ease the sorrow of those that have lost a loved one by providing a meal and an opportunity for friends and family to gather together. The group is divided into people who can volunteer to set-up and serve at the funeral luncheon and those that are able to drop-off a dish for the luncheon. Audrey Goshorn administers this group.

Soup Kitchen:

Volunteers from our parish carpool to the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen in Denver the second Wednesday of each month. Please join this group if you are able to help with this Ministry.

Pro-Life Group:

For people who are interested in Pro-Life activities at our parish and around our community. Run by our Pro-Life Committee, they send out notes about things like Prayer in the Square and 40 Days for Lent.

Books and Brew Club:

For people who want updates on our Books and Brew Club which picks a book for each month (except during the Summer) and meets on the third Wednesday of the month in the Cry Room at 9:00 to discuss the book and share some coffee and snacks. Tammy Cooper administers this group.

Women’s Group:

For women 18(ish) and older. We meet quarterly for Ladies Night Out where we participate in Eucharistic Adoration and Mass, before heading to the Community Center for a potluck dinner and fun activities.

Family Group:

For familes with school age and younger children who want information on our monthly get togethers. Family gatherings are our non-socially awkward way to help families meet other families. We host gatherings at the Education Center following the 9:15 am Mass on the first Sunday of each month. Please join this group to receive reminders about upcoming gatherings and other events.

Young Adults:

Founded by Ryan Mack, Josh French, and Hannah Lee, our young adult group is for people who are in their early twenties to early thirties. They regularly plan activities like hikes, camping trips, and evenings at our fire pit as well as attending programs at nearby parishes together. Join this group to stay in the loop for upcoming activities.