What is MTYR?

MTYR stands for More Than You Realize. What’s More Than You Realize? You are. The Catholic Church is. Life is. MTYR is a grassroots community of Catholics (that started right here in Denver!) that wants to be proactive with our messaging and addressing the current crisis effectively together.

What’s the point of MTYR?

“We have a communication problem.

As the polling or the anecdotal feedback continues to roll in, we see a troubling narrative: the average baptized Catholic in America is being inundated with negativity about the Catholic Church and our clergy. Whatever your ministry or circle of concern, there has never been a more urgent need to communicate the facts about the Church, or to remind the faithful of those things that made us Catholic in the first place. This is not a sales pitch. There will never be a program to buy. Like you, we are concerned Catholics who wish to stand up for their Church.

You could join the thousands of individuals, parishes, dioceses, and apostolates in this very simple campaign. It costs nothing except a few moments of your time. The experiment, however, could be priceless.”*

*Quoted from mtyr.org/together/why-now/

What would I do if I join MTYR Together?

MTYR Together is simply a plan to work together to share the same videos on social media and websites at the same time. If you join, you will be emailed a video with instructions on when it should be shared (so the video has a better chance of trending on social media sites, which helps more people see the content). Watch the video and then decide if it’s something you want to share with your friends through social media. That’s it.

How do I join the movement?


Just add your email at mtyr.org/together/join

There’s no additional steps or fees. You’re just connecting with the campaign to receive updates, previewing the videos, and indicating that you might be interested in sharing the videos at the preset time.

You can also follow the movement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube and encourage your personal Catholic community to get involved too!