2020 Pictorial Directory

Help us make sure our directory has your updated and accurate information by filling out the form below. If you have any questions about your registration or how your information will appear in the directory, please contact Audrey at audreyg at stjoegold.org. For questions about the directory or portrait session, please call Terri at (303) 279-4464. Scroll down for more information about the directory. Thank you so much for helping making our upcoming pictorial directory a success!

All portraits must be taken by October 5th. Please call them at 303-400-6023 to schedule your appointment!

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In general, your information in the directory will appear like this: Smith, John & Jane 100 Awesome St. Golden, CO 80401 (303) 555-5555 or Smith, Jane & John Doe If there are any special instructions or anything else we should know about your listing, please let us know.

Our 2020 Pictorial Directory

It seems hard to believe that it has been about five years since we produced our last parish directory. Since then we have witnessed many changes in our community. We have had to say goodbye to some of our parishioners who have been with us for a long time, but we are blessed to welcome new families who bring new life to our parish.

As you know, it's wonderful to be part of the St. Joseph community. A significant part of your life here is communication. In a busy but vital community, the pictorial directory is a useful and handy tool to keep connected. As in any community, it’s always nice to put names with faces, which is why we are creating a new, user-friendly parish directory.

We have again contracted with Pictorial Services by Bettinger Photography for our publication. Simply by having your picture taken, you will receive a complimentary 5x7 photograph and a copy of the pictorial directory. Photographs are wonderful to share with relatives and close friends, and we encourage you to support this project by purchasing additional photographs.

Bettinger Photography is also offering additional options to be photographed at their local Denver studio. If you are unavailabile during the times when photography is taking place at our church, we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity for a family portrait at Bettinger’s exclusive indoor/outdoor studio. Contact them soon, as a limited number of appointments are available.

You are the reason our community is so special and a pictorial directory is only as useful as the people in it. We need full participation in this project to achieve the maximum benefits of its use.

Join in making the 2020 St. Joseph directory the most comprehensive and inclusive one yet!!

Portrait of a couple
Portrait of a family
Portrait of a Woman

Schedule your Portrait Session

On-line scheduling is available NOW and we encourage you to sign up early to ensure an appointment to fit your needs. If you were unable to make the May or September photo sessions at St. Joseph’s, you can schedule a session at Betting Studios prior to October 5th. Sign up using the button below (or visit www.PictorialServices.net) or call 303-400-6023.

FAQ From Pictorial services

WHY A DIRECTORY? Directories are an important tool for our community to build connections between parishioners and clergy.

WHAT YOU GET... After your free session, you will immediately view your options and select your favorite pose to be included in the directory. Those who participate will receive a gift of a FREE 5x7 portrait and a complimentary copy of the directory.

WHAT IS THE COST? The portrait we will be creating is not just a "snap shot." And it's not "only for the directory." This is your opportunity for a professional portrait to display in your home, create gifts for loved ones, or use for business. Best of all, the session is FREE and the portraits are DISCOUNTED. There is no cost to St. Joseph's for the production or printing of the directory. Pictorial Services pays for all costs involved in publishing your new directory.

WHY PROFESSIONAL PORTRAITS? You will find the portraits are valuable now and well into the future, benefitting all generations to come. Don't leave your family without these lasting photographs.

WHAT IF I CHOOSE TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED AT BETTINGER PHOTOGRAPHY? Bettinger Photography offers the same benefits and discounts when you choose to be photographed at their exclusive indoor and outdoor studio in Denver for your church directory. This option includes pets (St. Joseph also allows pets to be photographed at the church sessions)! Space is limited, so we suggest calling for details and available dates right away.

FORMAL OR CASUAL DRESS? Consider how you might display or use your portraits to determine what makes the most sense for your needs.

WHAT COLOR SHOULD I WEAR? We recommend solid colors and medium to dark tones (stay away from white). If there is more than one person in the portrait, the colors should complement each other. Consider the colors in the room where your portrait might be displayed. For business needs, consider the color scheme of your website.

HOW DOES CLOTHING AFFECT A PORTRAIT? Clothing with patterns and stripes can be distracting, as it takes attention away from the subjects. A longer sleeve looks best, so we advise avoiding tank tops and cap sleeves, especially if you do not want to focus attention on your arms.

HELPFUL TIPS... Wear hair, make-up, and facial hair as desired. Avoid sparkles, shimmering eyeshadow, and highlighters.

WHAT IF I WEAR GLASSES? If you wear glasses with transition lenses and you choose to be photographed outdoors at Betting Photography, consider contacting your optometrist for empty frames or bring a pair of non-transition glasses.

DO YOU OFFER RETOUCHING? Absolutely! Most popular packages include retouching, because we feel it makes for a more complete and finished portrait. Retouching does not change how you look, but it enhances the portrait by removing minor flaws and blemishes to avoid distracting from your expression.

BE PREPARED... You'll be making your purchase decisions on the day of your portrait session, so arrive with a list of friends and family with whom you wish to share your photographs. Before leaving home, be sure to measure a few different wall spaces that could be a good fit to hang your wall portrait.

HOW MUCH TIME DO I NEED? Your portrait session includes the sitting and review of images and products, so allow 30 to 45 minutes.

IT IS BENEFICIAL TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE PHOTO UP TO DATE... Whether you are being photographed with your spouse or your family, individual headshots also will be taken. Plan ahead to take advantage of the free session. You will have the option to purchase a file to update your website and business cards. Dress appropriately for your line of work and let your photographer know your needs.

THIS PICTORIAL DIRECTORY WON'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU! The immediate benefits of a directory include being a valuable tool for clergy and members. Typically, churches opt for an updated directory every 5 years. Despite the current digital age, the fact remains that a tangible directory will be what preserves history, membership, tradition, and pride of your parish.