Welcome to West denver 2:42

A collaboration between us and 4 other awesome parishes to serve the young adults in West Denver

They devoted themselves to the teaching of the Apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.
— Acts 2:42

Are you already going to things like Theology on Tap and Vigil Praise?


This is different

We love Theology on Tap and Vigil Praise! We think both of those events are critical to a healthy and thriving young adult culture. They serve our city by creating opportunities for communal prayer, evangelization, and community building. However, neither of those events (or many young adult events like them) were created to disciple young adults or equip young adults for mission.

West Denver 2:42 is designed with discipleship and mentoring at the forefront. If you are serious about growing in your faith within a community of other committed young adults - West Denver 2:42 is for you.



So What is it?

West Denver 2:42 is a place for young adults to grow in discipleship and go on mission together.


- a movement of young adults who are serious about evangelization
- a community of young adults who are serious about "the art of living"
- a place to experience spiritual mentorship and be equipped for mission


It's not:
-a social gathering with a sprinkling of theology
-a mass with some hangout time afterwards
-a program ... a bible study ... or a "get to know you"



Empowered for Evangelization


The mission of the Church, and of each of us is inescapable - we must evangelize. Evangelization is not one option among many when we each look at what we can do for Jesus. We're required to introduce others to Jesus. Everything we do - from our large group gatherings to our small communities, is focused on equipping young adults for the sake of evangelization. We are serious about helping young adults feel comfortable with their responsibility to evangelize and giving them simple/easy opportunities to do so. We didn't see any other events/programs/movements in our area that were helping young adults to do this - so we launched West Denver 2:42.





We believe that proximity is a pre-requisite for real community. The heart of this experience is what happens in the small communities of young adults in between our large group gatherings. We are intentionally limiting the scope of this movement to young adults who physically live in West Denver (Golden, Arvada, Lakewood, and Evergreen) so we can be serious about investing in that experience of community.

The Parishes currently hosting West Denver 2:42 gatherings are Christ the King in Evergreen, St. Joan of Arc in Arvada, St. Joseph in Golden, and St. Jude and Our Lady of Fatima in Lakewood.