Don't you love when you walk into Church and someone smiles and says "hello"? So do we! That's why we are so excited to try and grow our Hospitality Ministry. Our goal is to have at least one greeter at every door at every Mass, so we hope you will read the article below and prayerfully consider becoming a greeter.

What does a greeter do?

Greeters are stationed at the Church entrances before and after Mass to welcome people and answer questions like "where is the bathroom?" or "how do I register?" They serve as the bridge that brings individuals into a community ready to celebrate Mass. Greeters arrive about twenty minutes beforehand and stay at the doors until Mass is ready to begin. They return to the doors after Communion to wish everyone God's blessings as they leave.

Teri Lauwers, our Liturgical Coordinator and Director of Religious Education, says the best part of being a greeter is, "how when you give a smile and warm words, you get the same in return. It's amazing what a smile can do for someone who is having a bad start to a day, or is very worried about many things." It's a great way to evangelize, just by letting someone know how welcome they are to be with us each Mass.

What type a person makes a great greeter?

Anyone who can wear a smile and be loving toward everyone who walks through our Church doors! This is a particularly great ministry for families with children as children of all ages can participate. And it's convenient; we only ask that you serve as a greeter at the Mass you normally attend.

Interested in becoming a greeter? Our Ministry Fair will be at all the Masses this weekend December 2nd and 3rd. Check out the brochure found in the pew pockets and fill-out the detachable interest form. The form can be dropped in the offertory basket or returned to the Parish Office. Then we will reach out to you to let you know more about the ministries that you are interested in and answer any of your questions! You can also email Teri Lauwers at

Thank you to Teri Lauwers and everyone who has shared their hospitality with the guests and parishioners of St. Joseph's over the years.