This Fall, St. Joseph is offering online faith studies for the very first time. We are extremely excited about providing our parishioners with a way to grow in their faith in a way that can fit in to any schedule. We are hosting these Digital Small Groups through and Word on Fire (sent via Flocknote).

So how does it work?

Choose one or more studies to participate in (click here for instructions on how to sign-up). The courses on Formed are accessed by logging in to your free Formed account. The courses on Flocknote are emailed directly to you. Courses range from 3 weeks to 10 weeks in length. Each week, you watch a 20-30 minute video on whatever day or time works for you. Then add any reflections, comments, or questions you have to the group discussion.


You’ll learn more about our faith and grow closer to God

You can participate from home (or school, work, a coffee shop, vacation, etc.)

You don’t have to commit to a specific day or time

You can have real discussions with fellow parishioners

Andrew, our Director of Evangelization, will be available to answer your questions

Courses start September 30th!

Studies Offered This Fall

Studies on

A short 3 week study on the Mass. High quality videos, moving testimonies.

Lectio Eucharist
An in-depth 10 week study on the Old Testament and New Testament foundations for the Mass. This study will make a profound impact on your experience each Sunday at Mass.

"Combo" Study
The best 7 session from the Presence and Lectio Eucharist studies. A little taste of both!

Studies on

Bishop Barron's 4 week study that focuses on helping you continue to grow in your personal prayer.

The Eucharist
Bishop Barron's 6 part study on the Mass.

Heroes of the Faith
Bishop Barron's brand new "Pivotal Players" study on 6 key Catholic figures. Shot on location all around the world. Stunning cinematography and moving reflections.