The Seven Sundays Devotion is a long standing tradition of the Church that helps us to prepare to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19th. The devotion honors the seven joys and sorrows that St. Joseph experienced as husband of the mother of God, faithful guardian of Christ, and head of the holy family. This devotion is a prayerful opportunity to “help us find out what God is telling us through the simple life of Mary’s husband.”

First Sunday - February 3rd
Matthew 1:18-25
His sorrow when he decided to leave the Blessed Virgin; his joy when the angel told him the mystery of the Incarnation.

Second Sunday - February 10th
Luke 2:1-20
His sorrow when he saw Jesus born in poverty; his joy when the angels announced Jesus’ birth.

Third Sunday - February 17th
Luke 2:1-21
His sorrow when he saw Jesus’ blood shed in circumcision; his joy in giving him the name Jesus.

Fourth Sunday - February 24th
Luke 2:22-35
His sorrow when he heard the prophecy of Simeon; his joy when he learned that many would be saved through the suffering of Jesus.

Fifth Sunday - March 3rd
Matthew 2:13-15
His sorrow when he had to flee to Egypt; his joy in being always with Jesus and Mary.

Sixth Sunday - March 10th
Matthew 2:19-23, Luke 2:41-50
His sorrow when he was afraid to return to his homeland; his joy on being told by the angel to go to Nazareth.

Seventh Sunday - March 17th
Luke 2:41-50
His sorrow when he lost the Child Jesus; his joy in finding Him in the temple.

The Feast of St. Joseph is Tuesday, March 19th, 2019.

UPDATE: Due to the Parish Lenten Mission, we will not be changing the Mass schedule or holding a potluck on Tuesday, March 19th. Mass will be at 8:00 am.

Excerpt from the February 9th & 10th bulletin by Terri Huff.